Why Purity Source

Why Purity Source

Your Source for the Purest, Cleanest Water

People need water to live. To work to the best of their abilities, they need the purest, freshest water available.

Unfortunately, many standard drinking water solutions for businesses can’t give you that. 5-gallon bottles, common purification systems and reverse osmosis methods all allow bacteria and bio-slime to get in.

Your business can’t afford to have workers getting sick from the water they drink. Purity Source’s cutting-edge water filtration and purification systems are ideal for companies with high-traffic areas, where more germs and bacteria can gather. We’ve helped improve the drinking water of clients working in such industries as:

Benefits of Purity Source’s Water Systems and Service

Purity Source can provide you with PHSI’s Pure Water Technology® systems. Their patented filtration and treatment process will give you glass after glass of the hottest, coldest, cleanest water. Our highly trained and experienced professionals can connect the system to your water source and keep it maintained regularly.

Some benefits of using our service are:

No Plastic Bottles

Here’s a dirty little secret about bottled water systems: They need to be sanitized on a regular basis in order to keep the water clean. Unfortunately, most aren’t.

Purity Source’s system enables you to avoid this problem: It connects with and purifies your existing water source, giving you clean water with no bottles to store or recycle.

No Mold

Bottled water could be contaminated before it even reaches you. The water may be pure when it’s bottled, but the coolers are open systems, which allow mold, bacteria and bio-slime to build up in the tank. Standard purification systems don’t remove all contaminants from the water either.

Purity Source removes all particles, chemicals and contaminants from your tap water. You can know with absolute certainty that anything you drink will be pure and fresh.

No Injury Risk

5-gallon water bottles are heavy and cumbersome. If you’re not careful, someone could get hurt trying to handle them. By eliminating the need for bottles altogether, our systems eliminate the risk of injuries too.

No Storage

Even a week's worth of water for a small office can eat up a lot of valuable work space. Think of the space you'll reclaim when you no longer need to worry about storing water bottles in your office.

No Landfill Waste

Bottled water companies have a tremendous impact on the environment. They burn millions of barrels of oil and generate millions of tons of greenhouse gases in order to manufacture, process and transport their products. To make matters worse, an estimated 38 billion non-biodegradable plastic water bottles make it to our landfills each year.

Purity Source’s systems keep you from adding to this major environmental problem. You’ll get pure, great-tasting water and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time.

More on Purity Source

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