How it Works

How it Works

Get Glass After Glass of Ultra-Pure Drinking Water

Tap water, drinking fountains and bottled water can represent health, safety and budget problems for your business. The water from each of these solutions can contain bacteria, chemicals and other harmful contaminants.

By coming to Purity Source, you can make your office healthier and more frugal. Our Pure Water Technology® systems from PHSI give you clean, refreshing drinking water reliably and affordably. Read the information below to learn how they work!

The Pure Water Purification Process

Purification Process of Purity Source’s Water Systems

Pure Water Technology follows a 5-step process:

  • 1) A 10-micron pre-filter removes dirt, rust, silt and other particles from water.
  • 2) A carbon block removes toxic chemicals (pesticides, solvents, chlorine).
  • 3) An ultra-fine reverse osmosis membrane strips the water molecules of all contaminants, including those that have been dissolved in the water.
  • 4) The water passes through a second carbon block filter.
  • 5) The water gets injected with activated oxygen, which destroys any bacteria, viruses and parasites.

Part of Purity Systems’ treatment process involves adding electrolytes to the water as well. This restores essential minerals to your body and helps ensure that you stay hydrated and healthy.

Benefits of Purity Source

Implementing a Pure Water Technology system from Purity Source will yield major and immediate benefits for you and your coworkers. These include:

  • Guaranteed pure, healthy water whenever you need it
  • Reduced expenses thanks to monthly/quarterly invoices
  • Eliminate the need for water bottle storage
  • Greater environmental responsibility (no transporting of plastic bottles, no bottles thrown away)

Request a Free Trial or Get Support

Want to see how ultra-pure drinking water improves your workplace? Need assistance with your water system? Click the links below to request a free 7-day trial or service for your system:

If you’d like to discuss how Pure Water Technology cleans and purifies water better than other systems, please contact Purity Source.